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the M31 gallery of Cool & Collected Transistor Radios

It's been quite a while since I've updated this site -- I moved from Boston to Central Europe a few years ago, and I'm only now catching up on the hobby. This is the first update. More will follow...

So what's new here?

First and of most interest, of course, are the new transistor radios additions to this site -- they're listed right here on this page. You'll find a number of nice ones, and a few rare ones too.

Next are the new graphics pages, where you'll find many Sony, Toshiba, and Hitachi graphics you've most likely never seen before -- there are 33 new pages here. And many of the images on the original 18 graphics pages have been redone in higher resolution, so it may be worth visiting them again!

A new category here is Soviet transistor radios from the '60s and '70s -- a truly misunderstood and overlooked area of collecting that deserves something better (translation: No, they're NOT all butt-ugly!) Check it out.

Also you'll find a number of new NOS additions to toy crystal radios & their boxes

I've also made a very small gallery of radios whose cabinets are made of thermosetting plastic, Great Cabinet Plastic the same beautiful, hard plastic as Bakelite and Catalin.

And I've added an "About Me" page -- most sites these days seem to have such a page, and I'm not sure why I haven't done one before...

I've also recently put up a site showing a whole bunch of my own Shortwave QSL cards & ephemera from the '60s & '70s (plus some ham QSLs) -- there are a lot of cool old graphics here, and some fun history as well...

Also, along with QSL gallery here, you'll find a small gallery of '60s and '70 Shortwave receivers, a handful of those radios affordable at the time to teens like me at the time -- the Realistics, Allieds & Knights, Heathkits, Lafayettes, and a few others too...

And last but not least, I'd like to give a heartfelt thanks here to the hardworking police men and women at the Slovak Customs Office -- I have to fight with them for every last radio I win on eBay that's sent to me here.

Slovak law doesn't allow "used electronics" to enter the country -- though from my experience this law seems to apply ONLY to items from the US -- I don't know why the US has been singled out here -- but more significantly, I don't know WHY IN THE HELL old radios are considered to be Contraband here -- they're not weapons, they're not agricultural products, they're not drugs -- what the hell are these people thinking???

All that the Customs Officers can tell me is that the "used" radios I'm receiving here are against the law. Why? Because it's against the law here... OK, no matter -- I always get my radios in the end, after paying a 19% VAT tax -- and the whole long charade makes every radio I get here feel more like a treasure than it would have been without the battle. So, thanks, Slovak Customs -- yeah, really -- thanks a pad load...

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