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Radio User, September 2017

Articles on Transistor Radios

Some Articles I've Written, Old and New:

Transistor Radios, East and West ("Irresistible Transistor Radios", Radio User, September 2017):

(Actually, this is a PDF of my article submitted to the British publication, Radio User — the "edited" version that was published in Radio User reads like something written by an ageing and eccentric Englishman)


Articles by Lello Salvatore, translated into English:

Italian Pocket Transistor Radios: 1956 Radialba 2010

A very intriguing article on Italy's first pocket transistor radio

Italian Pocket Transistor Radios: Geloso G3303

A very thorough article on Italy's beautiful Geloso pocket radio series


Other Articles:

English-language translation of 1956 "Funkschau" article on the Telefunken TR1


Historical Articles from the New York Times:

The New York Times still remains one of the only major newspapers offering a complete online archive ó I've made copies below of the nineteen articles Iíve found concerning transistors and transistor radios. Early articles (1948-1958) poignantly display their times in their emphasis on possible military applications, suggestions of computer applications, and predictions of commercial uses for the transistor; and later articles chronicle the rise of Japan as a leader in the electronics world as well as public irritation over the noise pollution caused by transistor radio users.

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