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1960 Toshiba 7TP-352M

2-band MW/SW shirt pocket radio, thermoplastic cabinet
4 3/4 x 3 x 1 3/8 inches / 120 x 76 x 35 mm
Seven transistors (Toshiba), superheterodyne circuit
One tubular 9-volt battery
Manufactured by Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co. Ltd. (Toshiba), Kawasaki, Japan

Along with the 7TP-352S, this is one of a pair of MW/SW shirt pocket radios introduced by Toshiba in 1960 (maybe 1959), the only difference between them being their short wave band coverage. Both models have a built-in telescopic antenna. This 7TP-352M covers what was then known as the "Marine Band" in a pre-VHF ship-to-shore era, covering from the top of the AM broadcast band to 5 MHz (or MC, as it was known at the time). Marine communications were the most likely communication to be heard here at the time, but this also was territory for several amateur radio bands, a couple of "tropical" SW broadcast bands, and all sorts of FAX, RTTY and beacon transmissions as well. (An indulgent note here: this and other "Marine Band" radios hold a bit of nostalgia for me, as my first short wave listening experience was tuning in to ship-to-shore chatter on the Great Lakes in the mid-1960s on a Panasonic transportable I'd take out of my dad's Buick Wildcat at night and bring up to my bedroom to listen to it.)

Toshiba 7TP-352M

Toshiba 7TP-352S, 7TP-352M

inside back

chassis — click on the photo for a larger image

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