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1959 Toshiba 6TP-357

Shirt pocket radio, thermoplastic cabinet
2 7/8 x 2 3/8 x 15/16 inches / 73 x 60 x 24 mm
Six transistors (Toshiba), superheterodyne circuit
Three teeny UM-5 cells
Manufactured by Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co. Ltd. (Toshiba), Kawasaki, Japan

The most stylish and attractive of the Toshiba miniature transistor radio models: a clear plastic tuning dial with a very "retro" number font, a black wrap-around speaker grille and black accents set against an off-white cabinet, and a pale pink cabinet back half — wow!

Toshiba 6TP-357

Toshiba 6TP-357

Toshiba 6TP-357

inside back


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