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1967 Jupiter-M (ЮПИТЕР-M)

Shirt pocket radio, thermoplastic cabinet
4 7/16 x 2 7/8 x 1 5/16 inches / 113 x 73 x 33 mm
2-band LW/MW, seven transistors, superheterodyne circuit
One standard 9-volt battery
Manufactured at Dnepropetrovsk radio factory, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

This "Jupiter-M" (ЮПИТЕР-M) was the second version of the original "Jupiter" (ЮПИТЕР) manufactured in 1964. The cabinet colors here are orange and tan. A red and white cabinet version is also shown below. While the Jupiter-M was also exported to East Bloc and Western countries, the two examples shown here were made for the domestic market (USSR). Other color combinations included gray/white, green/black and blue/white. From its plentiful appearances on Russian and Ukrainian auction sites and eBay Germany as well, it's pretty safe to say that the Jupiter-M was produced in large numbers.

1967 Jupiter-M (ЮПИТЕР-M)

Jupiter-M (ЮПИТЕР-M) with red and white cabinet

back face

inside back cover

chassis — click on photo for a larger image

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