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1964 Tesla Zuzana 2710B

Shirt pocket, thermoplastic cabinet
5 x 3 1/8 x 1 5/8 inches / 127 x 79 x 41 mm
MW, six transistors (Tesla, OC71, OC76, 3x OC170, 104NU71), superheterodyne circuit
One 9-volt battery
Manufactured by Tesla, Bratislava Plant, Czechoslovakia

Tesla's first shirt pocket transistor radio. As a resident of Bratislava, I can tell you that ANYONE I talk to here (not just collectors) remembers this little radio with a touch of nostalgia — unfortunately, they also remember it as being a pretty crappy radio in terms of performance.

1964 Tesla Zuzana 2710B

inside back label

chassis — click on the image for a larger view —
each of the five Common Type European transistors here
has a Tesla paper label on it, as does the Tesla 104NU71

schematic — click on the image for a larger view

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