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1961 Spidola

7 1/2"H x 10 1/2"W x 3 1/4"D

Even as a product of 1961, this is still one of the earliest USSR transistor radios -- they didn't start manufacturing transistor sets until 1958, and when they did, they didn't make all that many models at first (or ever, for that matter).

This Spidola is a ten-transistor, seven-band lunchbox set with a truly unique mechanical bandswitch design (see the photos below). [ADD MORE TECHNICAL INFO HERE]

The cabinet is made of a very soft plastic [WHAT KIND?]. Originally the cabinet was black and white -- black around the body, white on the front and back -- but over the years the white grill face has faded to a dull yellow, and the huge bandswitch knob and the entire back half have faded to a beautiful rich butterscotch color and translucence very much like that found on old Catalin radios that haven't yet been polished...

2007 by Robert Davidson,

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1961 Spidola
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